Where to fish in Malaysia / Perak / Kamunting Lake Garden

A small park in the township of Kamunting. Small parks like these are very beautiful. Characteristically of Perak weather  it always rains.

The accuracy of the maps is disputed. If anyone has actual coordinates please send them over. The place is beautiful however not very large. Has a potential for Haruan if nurtured properly.

This place was discovered while on the way back from Bukit Merah. Still relatively new it hosts some very nice looking amenities. During the weekdays this place serves as a young lovers haunt.


20130417_145505 20130417_145510


Parking at this time was cinch. A big plus would be the parking was not very far from the lake. However you would not be needing a lot of heavy gear to fish here.

The pond itself was approximately smaller than a football field. The depth of the lake is suspected to not exceed more than eight feet. This is due to the heavy foliage of lotuses at the edge of the waters.

20130417_145816 20130417_145820


The landscaping has been done well. The bridge crossing the width of the lake is a big plus. Especially if one want s to get to the centre. A lot of parks should have this as it is very useful for senior citizens and anglers.

20130417_150304 20130417_150310

To be situated in such a small town this place offers a lot of eye candy. The stunning scenery encircling this small recreational facility was very serene. The big city dwellers have very few places to relate to similar to this set up.

20130417_155051 20130417_155054


Overall we hope this place does not become a white elephant like many other efforts in the past. If anything this place is a good place to visit. The fishing here needs some work. To be frank the numbers of fish are relatively small.





PS. Where is the ISA camp in Kamunting? I found this place looking for it.


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