Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort, an angling debacle.

During the trip to the Bukit Merah Lake, fishmalaysia.com took the opportunity to examine this facility located nearby. Despite all its architectural accomplishments there was a huge let down. We leave this place feeling very disturbed.

After learning that this was part of MK Land’s properties we lowered the expectation bar, funnily. The drive through the snaking road was surprisingly smooth. No pot holes or debris, nothing! I almost was about to give up on being a pessimist.  However we persisted on the negativity. Yes folks we were on a fault finding mission.

After climbing over the hill roads we come to a cluster of buildings. A resort by name but on a budget. The buildings looked very seasoned. Despite all that surely some of use would have had some fond memories of this place. All the facilities were in order, however fishmalaysia.com was very interested in one only. The fishing.



The tanks of fish are located as one steps into the entrance of the lake resort. These tanks filled with fish that are locally available. Species such as barbs, snakehead and an adorable gourami.


The fishes in the display tanks were however not for sale. The specimens in these tanks were fine examples of their species. The giant snakehead was a young adult and looked spectacular. No signs of capture this fish has been reared for some time.


The giant Gourami and the cluster of barbs in here were fine examples too. Photogenic too as a matter of fact. It was at this point everything seemed to go downhill.

The rates to fish at the Jetty was a tourist price. RM 10 per hour for a single rod. A polite no thank you from us here at fishmalaysia.com. To be frank no arguments if you are running a huge facility if you charge exorbitantly.


The waters from this jetty were teeming with barb. The red tailed lampan to be exact. Being a very small cousin of the javanese barb this fish have developed well. This could be due to the lack of fishing here.

20130417_141505 20130417_141517 20130417_141525

If one wanted to fish. there were a few spots from this peer and waterfront one could do so from. An acceptable location in comparison to crumbly and muddy banks. With the fact that the water is teeming with fish.

However to begin your fishing adventure one would need to visit a “fishing station” tucked away at the corner of this place. This is where the rot starts to show. This is where Bukit Merah Laketown Resort fails miserably.

Upon arriving here to do some fact finding on the waters we found the booth to be closed. There was a number to be called. However the person in charge seemed to be long gone. How do you tell? Some may ask. Here is the answer.


Dead fish in advanced stages of decomp. These fish must have been dead for some time as the water it is in has changed colour. There was some other dead fish for sale too.


Incredible how some would sell a dead toman for RM 20. Or any other dead fish as a matter of fact.

Another neglected looking set up on this premise was a cat fish tank. The waters in the tank have not been changed for awhile and alarmingly like green sludge. If anything this tank would be a health hazard to all the international tourists that go here.


The only thing positive about the slushy tank would be the size of the catfish. At this fairly large size these fishes make awesome bait. Very large toman spot these critters easily.

The management should look at running this service very seriously. By charging RM 10 to fish from a Jetty for an hour it is a premium. When charging premium rates the service provided must match it. It would be very difficult to solicit the fees from anyone when the shack is abandoned.

20130417_141831 20130417_141837 20130417_141856

I took these shots on a Wednesday evening after 2pm. Clearly this place is abandoned. I had intended to give the fishing a go for about an hour but I’m glad I did not do so.

I hope this changes real soon. Till any word from the management with regards to this has been made this place is a no go zone.





PS. The only thing more irritating than ignorance is sheer negligence.


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