Where to fish (WTF) in Perak / Kuala Sepetang

Malaysia has  a lot of exciting places. This would be one of them. Formerly known as Port Weld, Kuala Sepetang is a thriving fishing village/ small township.

The place is no bigger than my old taman in Cheras (frankly). What really sets it apart from it though is the massive access it has to the Straits of Malacca.

I would really like to start off with the drive here. Splendid open roads. Perfect for a jazz trip.


Please do not try this.

Arriving there would be like driving into a fragment of our past. The place smells of fish, sea and chinese coffee shops. A big warm welcome if you’d like.

20130416_174409 20130416_171858 20130416_171902

The beginning of the reconnaissance started in the mangrove reserve nearby. Its quite easy to drive in. Due to limited daylight photos of the jetty in the mangrove reserve were obtained only.

20130416_173531 20130416_173536

Yes this place has a clear warning of no fishing directly from this spot. However one can actually take a boat (or kayak) out on to the mangrove to do a bit of this. There are no restrictions as such, however it would be favourable to get approval from the forestry department in Taiping.


Like every other mangrove this place is teeming with macaques.



These children were doing some casting here. No worries to give some levy to this. Probably doing it for fun.




20130416_173635 20130416_173656

The scene from the jetty in the mangrove is a lovely one. Its like standing in an Rudyard Kipling novel. The thicket of the jungle only more accessible.

20130416_173709 20130416_173722

Baitfish were aplenty around. This signalled a thriving fish population. Apparently barramundi are good around these parts Malaysia.

20130416_173747 20130416_174137

Kayak folks beware if you are setting out here. Best to go in groups. Reason being that there are crocodiles still in these waters.

The township of Kuala Sepetang is a thriving miniature clock. Just before dusk the place is frantic with delirious fish loading activities. Despite all these frenetics the people are rather cheerful in a sense.


funnily this place seemed to be the most calm one


One of the inhabitants extending its welcome to me.

20130416_175105 20130416_175204

If one would like to do some basic angling. The jetties here are open to that. Do not become a obstacle though. The places is a bustling toy store.


The town itself is ant antiquated specimen. If you are a designer and your client requests that you design something with old world Malayan Chinese charm. Look no further. Lots of design Ideas can be sprung from here.

20130416_175510 20130416_175603 20130416_175937


With the upcoming elections the place is a thriving palette of bright colours accustomed to the political parties of Malaysia.  Its a good combination to see.



PS. Don’t forget to vote.



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