Where to fish in Malaysia / Perak / Bukit Merah

Marvelous place, marvelous waters and lots of potential.

Getting here is a cinch from Taiping. Signboards are almost everywhere. Roads are fairly straight.

This is the second largest lake in Perak. This would put all the other “large” lakes too shame in the Klang Valley. A “sea” in its every own respect. A place definitely to do some serious fishing in. Its mass is so impressive even from google maps.


20130417_115621 20130417_115626

Reconnaissance was done from a few places. This is because to capture some of the potential of the lake one location would not simply do.

There are a few boat jetty’s around the lake. However at this point of time there were no operators. After some fact finding the best place to look for a boat would be from one (only) of the lake side village in the area.


The fishermen jetty above is situated in the village that sits looking on to the river. This is where I met Abu Bakar. This chap rents out a boat without a pilot. His rates are RM 200 for the big boat and RM 100 for the small boat. These are the rates for the whole day (sun rise to sun set).





Alternatively if you are a “kayakist” please bring your tools along. The village is currently undergoing some renovation now. So better to park outside which is not very far and head down. A bit of a climb but no biggie.


Tomans can be fished from the sides. Being very cool in Perak water temperature does effect the behaviours of the fish. Abu Bakar advises better fishing during the hot season.

These muddy banks above are quite strong and can stand the weight of a man. Good to spot you fish and cast from here. Alternately you can do what some other city slickers found were doing.

20130417_130457 20130417_130503These chaps made camp under a railway bridge here. Apparently they have been fishing for the past two days and have caught mostly Lampan. There are two railway tracks here and these places can be used to fish. Advised not to though due to the dangers that involve railway tracks.

20130417_13040620130417_131017 20130417_131648

The scenery is utmost breath taking. Its very good to go to places like these. The openness is in a sense very liberating. One should find themselves doing this time to time.

20130417_134431 20130417_134437 20130417_134641

The part above is from one of the canals that lead out of the lake. Despite of the highway and the small townships nearby this place is still very close to the wilderness. Do be mindful and take safety precautions whilst around the lake.

Here are more shots of the beautiful lake that Bukit Merah has. If you plan to go on a fishing trip a worthwhile place to visit.

20130417_124340 20130417_12524520130417_115631 20130417_115640 20130417_122241 20130417_12224520130417_134646 20130417_13532320130417_131652

A fishing expedition will be put together and set out to this place. Purely scientific we will be catching our food though. Rest would be released.



PS. It would be really good to see what kind of monsters lurk in the depths and how far deep this place goes down.


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