Where to fish in Malaysia / Perak / Taiping Lake Gardens

Yes you can fish here already!

A beautiful picturesque body of water. Some would agree that this is the heart of Taiping. A lake garden that defines the city. The earliest heritage nurtured and groomed over the decades to mirror the cities picturesque facade.

This place has been an angling haven for quite some time. According to one of the local folk the municipal used to enforce every stringently the rules. However in the recent months they don’t seem to care already.



The gardens here have been carefully manicured. The occasional rubbish you spot is due to the idiotic flea bags who have got no civic sense. Sad that this has befallen plenty of members of society. No value for aesthetics.

20130416_140723 20130416_140813 20130416_140819

No fish were spotted at this hour. The sights here do let you forget that you’re here to fish.

20130416_140943 20130416_141007

The pictures above were taken on the first day in Taiping. This was an uncharacteristically hot day for the otherwise cool Taiping. Traffic too was erratic on that day.

The following day witnessed more cooler climate. The typified weather of Taiping.20130417_163416 20130417_163426

The first part of the second day involved a small excursion into the burmese pond. Word of advice from the local medics around here is to not bath here. Many incidents of an infection have been reported.

The Burmese pond is not suitable for fishing.

20130417_165412 20130417_165621

The infamous Taiping rain started at approximately 5 pm on this day. The drizzle was surprisingly tolerable. The lake itself is a small collection of connected canals. Do be careful of stepping into what might seem like puddles as it might be deeper than foreseen.

20130417_173821 20130417_173824

I think the spot above is perfect for fly fishers. Ample of space and not so deep water. If you’re a fly fishermen don’t be shy to take your rod up north next time. (Sic)

According to the locals there are all sorts of fish in the lake. its all up to you to decide what kind of fish you want to catch. The fishes range from your chiclids  to your snake heads. According to one of the anglers there are a fair amount of tomans but very hard to be seen of lately.




I found the floater in the picture above.Looks like a chiclid. Has some nice features to it.


Unless there are 20 of you camping out at the lake gardens don’t bother to go there at night. There are alot of robberies there.


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