Where to buy fishing tackle/ angling supplies in Perak / Taiping / Weng Hwa

Taiping is a sleepy hollow in the north of Malaysia. Hardly any traffic during rush our people still take their time on the roads here. Funnily the same attitude applies to work here too.

Enter Weng Hwa, possibly the sleepiest angling shop that I have ever been too. Situated right in front of the Taiping Fire Station this shop is a cluster of season and vintage. The shop carries an old world charm that so few shops that carry so well.


Entering the shop you would find a huge cluster of elongated boxes on the left side. This cluster hides a whole rack. This apparently is not a problem. As a matter of fact it induces you to probe further beyond the landslide.

20130416_132404 20130416_132408


They have a fair amount of lures. Unfortunately half of it is hidden behind the range of boxes above. For a cache in a sleepy hollow the place has a good selection of brands. Fair bit of Abu’s and Okuma’s.

Folks if you’re in Taiping and you need to get some equipment. Here’s a good place to visit. In respite of its charm the place is stable in the sense of equipment. Here’s more pics of the place.

20130416_132411 20130416_132419 20130416_132433 20130416_132438





PS. There’s another shop in Taiping. Not much to say about the place except for the fact its never been open in the whole two days i’ve been here.


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