Where to buy fishing tackle/ angling supplies in KL / Bandar Tun Razak / Barra Joran

This is one of those small but friendly shops in your own neighbourhood. Folks in BTR you guys are lucky to have this shop. Its not the most complete shop but does have the necessary ingredients.

Run by a cheerful chap simply known as Atan. One can come in here and find themselves chatting for hours with him. An experienced angler would definitely leave with some valuable input coming from here.


20130415_141821 20130415_141828


The place had some interesting reels for sale. For such a small shop it had such a premium collection of reels. No comments on the price though. There was even some vintage cardinals. Worth taking a look if you’re into vintage reels.

Apparently before the spinners came this shop was a dedicated bait casting shop. So if you’re interested in the art of bait casting you can come here and probably pick up a thing or two. A very limited selection on the range of lures though. He may have that intention of carrying what works best.


Atan in his little emporium

20130415_141835 20130415_141847

Apart from the four bait casters seen above we did not notice any other huge cluster of rods. There were 2 custom rods that were for sale. Please consult before you go looking for a rod here. His number is 012 3863074.

Folks do check them out if you’re in the neighbourhood. Its always nice to come to friendly shops like this. There were some renovations in the front part of the shop. Besides that the gallery here is a comfortable one.

20130415_142015 20130415_142021




PS. In taiping now and its raining after a very hot day! Bravo!



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