Where to buy fishing tackle/ angling supplies in Selangor / Kelana Jaya / Sky Pond

Map Error has been fixed.


Like some of the other suppliers i have been too so far there was a request for no photos. This place is right opposite the market.


SKy pond has a fair collection of reels and lures. While there a friendly chap by the name Yuen was very helpful in talking about the trends and market.

He was particularly bright eyed about how the internet is helping improve the awareness campaigns and also how it is bringing anglers together. Sky Pond is planning something very ambitious for the local anglers.

Parking here can be very tricky as it is right smack in the middle of an old “new” settlement. Love the oxymoronic names.

Besides your standard lures, reels and lures, Sky Pond also offers swimming lessons. So for those who would like to take up some lessons please feel free to visit the place.



PS. Good to hear that the internet is slowly creeping in on the very archaic angling scene.


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