Where to buy fishing tackle/ angling supplies in KL / Sentul / Perniagaan Shun Tuck

This is a small shop in Sentul that has a fair amount of gear. This shop prides itself for its custom rod services. According to the owner the longest they take is about a month to make a rod.

Was fortunate to see the owner building a rod there. Thats as far as fortunate goes though. Worth checking out if you’re in the area.


Apparently the shop has been in business since the mid nineties. The range of products is a fair balance between fresh water and marine gear. From surf rods to light bait casters.


20130411_152333 20130411_152338 20130411_152342 20130411_152349

With rudimentary lures, lines and reels there is a fair choice for the avid angler. If you’re into something a bit more advanced though good to see their customisation services.

20130411_152442 20130411_152446 20130411_152529The shop customises a sundry kind of rods. Think spinners and bait casters. No inquiries were made on fly rods. We did see some fly lures there though.

Here are more pics of the shop.

20130411_152358 20130411_152407 20130411_152417

The place has some old world charm to it. With its layout and service. Visit at own discretion.



PS. We will find more custom rod shops in the future to help you decide if you plan to customise. Don’t tush into every clown that claims to be able to build a rod.


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