Caught! An EAK expedition and a funny instance

Hi All,

After a couple of weeks hiatus in this segment we are finally back with it. To be honest the reason being the Hiatus would be the lack of opportunity to see lucky fishermen in spots.

We here in worship the angler who catches a fish at any size. We worship the sheer joy of landing it.

Here are this weeks catches.


Pak Din and his Haruan for the day…


he estimated it to be a kilo… sounds about right


this is a neither here or there “soon hock” now its in my pond. Probably want to see how big these fellas get. Whats really funny is that I caught this critter snaking on my baits in my bait net.


This chap landed this one in EAK. Congrats!


This chap was on a pacu streak in EAK. Landed quite a few but managed to get a pair of his catches.

20130410_171027Folks to make things more interesting there will be a small give away in the cards. So be on the join us in the coming weeks.




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