Where to buy fishing supplies / Shah Alam / Juara Tackle

This shop is in the heart of Shah Alam. A bit of a drive to get too. However if you’re planning a visit, best to call and inquire before doing so.

Unlike more accomplished shops this place has ample parking around it premises. So you have the guarantee of that comfort.


20130410_121504 20130410_121509


The place is owned buy a pair of brothers. The older sibling does the rod customisation services. Whereas the younger part owns the shop. So far as the record goes.

Place has got some good lures and items. The rates are market rates though. Good place even has got some megabass lures.

20130410_121517 20130410_121528 20130410_121536 20130410_121544


They have a fair balance of brands and don’t veer religiously to one brand like some certain shops. This place is wholly retail. Best to inquire about their customisation services.

The shop carries fair amounts of item but is more closely strewn towards freshwater fishing. There are some marine equipment here.

20130410_121548 20130410_121651 20130410_121656 20130410_121701


Alot of lures to go around. Too much minnows to be honest. This gives out a generic feel. A big plus is now if you need a specific kind of minnow, here’s a good place to check out.

The place has a rod maker. Folks if anyone amongst you prefer to acquire your rods in such a way please check this guy out. He’s got an open workshop. You might be able to see him build yours from scratch.

Here are more pics of the place.

20130410_121753 20130410_121919 20130410_121929 20130410_121953 20130410_122252 20130410_122524 20130410_122841


Nice quaint place with a polite shopkeeper lady. Not sure about the timings. Numbers on the board above. Please find out more.



PS. I feel like doing some pertanian this weekend…


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