Where to fish in Malaysia / Kelana Jaya / Western Digital

This place has been a mystery to many passing by. Even some have intimated to me that they would always love to get a crack at this place. The opportunity is now available thanks to some fact finding and foraying.

The Western Digital pond is a fairly big pond at about the size of 2 football fields. There are 2 ways to access the pond. The first via the front of the temple. The second via the Seaport Tamil School.


20130409_115443 20130409_115458


Both the paths are overwhelmed by undergrowth. The worst being the temple path. The banks are very crumbly and you can take a tumble if you’re not aware. The path where the tamil school is more promising.

A good thing would be to wear some strong wellies around here. In the span of approximately an hour quite a number of monitor lizards were spotted here. The place is infested with them.

20130409_113300 20130409_113323 20130409_113338


Despite its proximity with a heavily used road the water surface is fairly clean. Not the best waters but less polluted.

One thing to be sure to mind is that there is a disturbing absence of baitfish. Using a bait catching net there was not a single organism netted by it.

20130409_115528 20130409_115531 20130409_115631 20130409_115634

There was a lone angler there. He introduced himself as Pak Din. A retiree he said that he’s always there and you will most probably bump in to him while there.

Pak Din has been fishing these waters for quite a number of years. He mentioned that this pond will always be here or the golf course will get flooded. He also added that this place used to be an illegal sand mine.

Pak Din's Catch with frog as bait.

Pak Din’s Catch with frog as bait.

Close to a kilo. Good sized haruan

Close to a kilo. Good sized haruan

While there Pak Din had managed to snag a decent sized haruan. Being a modest chap he mentioned that they get bigger here. He fishes for haruan only as they have a good price in the market. (RM 16/ Kilo)

Pak Din lamented that the fishes here have been depleted due to overfishing. Fishes like tilapia have reduced in numbers drastically. He also added that there are no longer any tomans here due to this.



The fishes that are available here though are sepats, haruans and whatever is left of the tilapias. A good place to go look for haruan.

There are camps around the area. This suggests that people fish here overnight too. Please take caution if you are doing so at night.



PS. Fish responsibly. If you’re planning to eat any of the fish make sure its a decent sized one. Throw back the small ones.

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