Where to fish in Malaysia / Shah Alam / Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Poly

Don’t go here.

After our successful visit to UM. Another foray into the other hallowed grounds was a must. What more enticing than a lake in a poly in the middle of industrial Shah Alam.

Many a times our google and point method has never failed us. However this attempt can be considered a big laughing failure. Shows what can happen. Best not to dwell so much on it.

So for your laughing pleasure here’s our blooper trip.



When I arrived there to my dismay the place was in shambles. A fair sized pond the waters were overgrown with weed. Almost no sign of life.

20130320_124131 20130320_124152 20130320_124217 20130320_124243

Situated right next to the cafeteria there were some evidence of littering. A very deplorable scene in a academic institution.

20130320_124339 20130320_124415


We often find mirth in an otherwise morbid lake. This place had none to offer. Not conducive to fishing unless the dean decides to do something about it.

Funny that people can lear with such filth smack in the middle of their midsts. Does say a lot about how the place educates its students.



PS. Think this will put me off from all Unis? Please…


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