Where to fish in Malaysia / Shah Alam / Bukit Bandaraya

This place was discovered when we were reviewing EAK. We finally came around to looking at it. A nice quaint place hidden to the eyes of google.

Unfortunately there is an informal settlement next to it. The place can be potentially dry. However alls not lost. Once the development is done the fish numbers can climb back again.


20130408_162917 20130408_162921


The water is fairly shallow with almost no residue or debris in it. This can be a collective of water from the hills that flow down during heavy down pour. There were other fishermen here too that suggested this place has been around awhile.

There is some underwater plant species with banks of grass growing in the waters. Another thing noticeable is that there are some camps on the slopes of the hills. What these camps serve is unknown.

20130408_151900 20130408_151910 20130408_151931



Finding this place is a cinch. First head towards the agricultural park in Shah Alam. Once you have entered the arches that  welcome you turn to the left instead of the right. Right heads towards the Agricultural Park. Left towards Bukit Bandaraya.

This place has got very limited parking. Parking on the shoulder is not advisable as it is a 2 laned road.



This place is teeming with small baitfish. The population here could be thriving due to the absence of predators. Food can be sparse too as there was some cannibalistic feeding patterns observed.

Besides the small fish there is the prawn (udang nasi) thriving here too. That would be more suitable to be baited as the small fish are not sturdy at all.

A nice place to fish in the future once development is complete. We will make efforts to repopulate the waters. The way we know how too.

20130408_152046 20130408_152145 20130408_152224


Do take your time to visit. Maybe add a few years to that.



PS. The little fish were so aplenty that they became very bothersome.

2 thoughts on “Where to fish in Malaysia / Shah Alam / Bukit Bandaraya

  1. nafeez

    If you drive futher down the road , on your right side there will be newly built houses ( if not then still being built ) behind those houses there is a beautiful pond , just like the ones in Taman Botani . There is orang asli settlement there too , so fish population might be less… if im not mistaken this pond connects to the water at the Botanical Garden .


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