Where to buy fishing supplies / Kepong / Kepong Aquarium

Caesar introduced me to this place. Apparently a good place to get decent sized baitfish. Has a fair bit of lines, rods and reels.

This place would be your “sikit – sikit sahaja” shop. Situated in shop lot this place does even sell live fish for the table. There were two huge tanks of tilapia that were sized 500 grammes and above.


20130406_170136 20130406_170140


The shop is run by some very sweet old ladies. So chaps be about your best behaviour. The prices here are said to be relatively cheap.

One thing that was found to be most interesting is the tank full of snakeheads (haruan). These fish are all destined for the table. Ranging from 300 grammes and above.



According to Caesar this tank empties very fast and all the fishes above will move within the week.  Some of the fishes here are caught and some come from farms. The caught one bore some scars on its face.

20130406_170247 20130406_170308


Live bait is aplenty. The whole range is available. From baby jelawats, catfish to frogs (both green and brown).

Besides a fair amount of live baits you can find your basic equipment here too.

20130406_170158 20130406_170210


The place is sufficient. Please don’t expect to find a calcutta here if you’re looking for one. There is another shop down the road for this.

Here are some pics of the tanks.

20130406_170220 20130406_170253


So folks, if you’re in the Kepong area looking to get bait this is a good place to visit. You can buy bait and dinner at the same time. Now thats service.



PS. I missed Malaysia!

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