Where to fish in Melbourne / The Warmies

This is possibly the best place to go fish in Melbourne.

A place where you will find a lot of anglers congregating in Melbourne would be here. This place nicknamed “the Warmies” is the waters around the Newport power station. Why is it called “the Warmies” is because of the warm water that is pumped out of the power station creates such a ecosystem where all the fishes thrive.

The place is loaded with red snapper, flat head, mulloway and trevalley. This is a few of the many species available here. These fishes come in very good sizes and are aplenty.

20130330_144843 20130330_144901

The anglers here used a vary of bait. Some of them suggested to use normal fish from the market as bait. Anything goes to be honest.

The chaps here mostly had medium heavy rods. There was the occasional surf rod. There were no floats though as the currants here are fairly brisk and it can be a nuisance if not anchored.

20130330_145525 20130330_145536

There’s plenty of action in these parts and here are some of the results while there.


chap who caught these was beaming about it. notice the ruler?


a “barely legal” catch

20130330_145936 20130330_145941

Nearby the Warmies would be the historic town of Newport. This tow prides itself to be one of the first places that was settled in Melbourne.  One will find a lot of historical around this place.

Do enjoy the collection of pictures.

20130330_152458 20130330_152503 20130330_152644 20130330_152934 20130330_153348

Melbourne has got a lot more wonderful places to fish in. WIll try and bring to you as many as can.



PS. I will be back to fish the waters of Malaysia at the end of this week. See you then.

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