Where to buy tackle supplies in Melbourne / The Compleat Angler

This place is in Flinders Lane. Its right on top of a yellow pub. Ancient looking exterior with interior to match.

Like its name suggest this is a complete place to get your supplies from. Method fishermen, there are match rods and feeder rods here. I got myself a couple of feeders from this shop too.

LIke all the shops here in Australia. The pricing scheme is quite competitive for the Australian market. There is a friendly chap here that will give you hand with everything.




I went back and forth on this road more than twice due to its inconspicuousness. Locating it was thanks to a postman who was doing his rounds. Thanks to the Australian Postal Service.

Being situated in a place like this gives this place a certain charm. Stepping into it suggests that this place has some sort of accomplishment.

20130326_131501_HDR 20130326_133007_HDR


This place supplies well for the fly fisher and marine angler. The friendly chap ( or should i say mate)  in the shop strongly recommends marine against freshwater fishing here because of the nature of the city.

So to cater to the exciting coast all the lures and rods are more targeted towards that. Fair enough.

20130326_131637_HDR 20130326_131648_HDR

This shop is a very cosy shop. It has one of the bigger selection of items seen so far. So being very closed to one another you might take some time sifting through the items looking for what you need.

20130326_131709_HDR 20130326_131726_HDR


Its here i found some very familiar Rapalas and other lures. There were some specialty ones that which were very country centric. These lures are very interesting. Do take a closer look at them.

20130326_132839_HDR 20130326_132849_HDR


Besides a good collection of rods and lines too. This place offered well for storage solutions and apparel. There were chest high wellies for the fly fishermen and all sorts of cool looking wear.

20130326_133100_HDR 20130326_133120_HDR

The other section of the shop is called “the fly fisher”. Like its name it covers a lot of area in this sport. There were all sorts of material that one would find very helpful.

20130326_133153_HDR 20130326_133202_HDR 20130326_133221_HDR


One good thing about places like these which makes them stand apart from Malaysia would be the knowledge offered. There are loads of books to aid any kind of angler here. In the shops I have gone too so far items like these are aplenty.

This gives us some sort of idea here for an initiative. You will hear about this in the future.



PS. Do check out Jahat’s Journal!

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