Jahat’s Journal. An edge we all need. A beginning of an online phenomenon.

Eizzat Jahat

First and foremost we would like to welcome Eizzat “Jahat”. Our columnist for the malay language feature section for fishmalaysia.com. Link is the jump:

Jurnal Jahat!

He is the very first independent contributor in our site and will be posting us with all his endeavors and adventures in various places he will be visiting. An accomplished online writer, Jahat is a contributor towards a few cycling blogs. This would be the fixie kind of cycling. I personally have an admiration for these cyclists as they have such energy and will to cycle wherever their hearts desire to go to.  Jahat of course is an accomplished fixie cyclist himself with a huge passion for angling.

Jahat’s Journal represents an antithesis of what is fishing in Malaysia. Something what we here at fishmalaysia.com is striving to be. To bring you down a beaten path and see it in a whole new perspective. To take you to unchartered waters and let you decide the outcome.

Please take this as a sign of things to come. We are striving to create a malaysian online outdoor adventure charter. This should bring hope to the people that there is still a lot to do outdoors.

There is no patronage and we heavily disapprove of such practices. We are you. We hit and we miss just like everyone else. We do and we get better. We work hard. We share what we know. We fish and we love it.

We seek to share the joys of anglers, as we are all one in front of any body of water. Regardless of creed and culture.

Do look out for his next posting. Personally, I have had the pleasure of fishing with him and he is a gung ho angler. We also share a favourite haunt thats being depleted sadly. If we had known any sooner we would run riot at mines.



PS. Jahat’s journal is in Malay. There will be translation provided for this by myself.




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