Where to buy fishing supplies in Melbourne / J.M. Turville

This is very near the Queen Victoria Market. Something like a block down and turn left. A few Malaysian restaurants found nearby.

At the time of the observation there was a sale. The place is a nicely equipped shop with a good collection of lures.  Has a myriad of reels all very competitively priced for the Australian market.

A nice spacious and comfortable setting to do your shopping. The place is not very boat centric so it is a choice to come and visit when looking for your gear. A big plus would be its location again.



Place has got a fair bit of reels. You can find your Shimanos and Daiwas if you look around the crop of gizmos. It has some Calcutta models (Quite big spooled ones).

20130326_113338_HDR 20130326_113348_HDR

Along with the tools this place has a fair amount of reading material. This helps as some of the books here does aid in the identifying and presentation process of fishing.

20130326_113358_HDR 20130326_113414_HDR

Being a coastal city, marine fishing is the main attraction here in Melbourne.  This shop has a good selection of surf rods from notable brands.

20130326_113424_HDR 20130326_113439_HDR 20130326_113508_HDR

JM Turville is divided into two parts. The upper part would be your marine fishing with lures and all. The lower part however is fully dedicated to fly fishing.

Here are more pics of the upper part.

20130326_113548_HDR 20130326_113603_HDR 20130326_113722_HDR

The fly fishing section like the marine section is spacious and comfortable. Somehow the shop is set up in a way where time slows down. One could have a cup of tea here with some nice cakes and biscuits.

20130326_113906_HDR 20130326_113918_HDR 20130326_113931_HDRA small tank with some baby trout is part of the decor. I find this most appealing!

20130326_113945_HDR 20130326_114100_HDR 20130326_114114_HDR

JM Turville had a good selection of fly reels. However the picture above had me thinking. I held my reserve and carried on around the shop.

20130326_114124_HDR 20130326_114136_HDR

Once again, if you are an avid fly fisher this is a choice of place you can come and visit to equip yourself. They have a varied range of reels.

Do enjoy the rest of the pictures.

20130326_114152_HDR 20130326_114203_HDR 20130326_114302_HDR 20130326_114315_HDR

Once again prices in places like this are very competitive for the Australian market. Good to share your thoughts, better not to impose them.

The weekend is nearing. Happy fishing folks!



PS. Saw a lobster today. It was the mother of all lobsters!

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