Where to buy fishing supplies in Melbourne / C. H. Smith Marine

This place is a hardcore marine supplier.

Boating and fishing go hand in hand. This place covers all the necessary grounds. So if you’re looking for some parts for your boat in Australia along with some tackle equipment, please consider visiting this place.

If you’re looking to solely buy tackle and line. Still worth a visit if you’re fishing fairly deep waters. I am yet to understand what works in Melbourne.



The first angling related purchase was made in this shop so far. A license to fish (kill). A monthly license costs AUD 12 and this is more worthwhile.

20130326_101547 20130326_101551

The fishing license is a must in order to fish in any of the waters in the state of Victoria. Licenses can be purchased at a varying degree of durations. Starting from two days till three years.

These licenses can be found in any tackle shop or shell station. All needed is some proof of identity and some australian dollars.

20130326_101603 20130326_101608As you can see above the stuff here are light to medium heavy marine gear. All fairly affordable too.
20130326_101615 20130326_101644


The place has to offer some rudimentary lures. Not a very large range. However for what they lose out in tackles they make up for in trap.

This place had got a good amount of trapping options.20130326_101651 20130326_101658

If your Malaysian and planning to go to Australia to do some fishing, bring your own equipment. The items here are affordable to everyday Australians. For Malaysians however the pricing scheme would not make sense.

20130326_101720 20130326_101735

A comparative would both the rapalas above. These items cost nearly twice as much as what we would normally pay here in Malaysia. After conversion each of the lure above stands at nearly RM 50.


The selection of fish friendly nets were alright.

20130326_101805 20130326_101816 20130326_101831


A complete shop for the marine aficionado with a penchant for angling. For some strange reason though there was no Calcutta seen on the premises. Would have missed this by accident.



PS. Shimano Calcutta TE DC for a Abu Baitcaster (10-30lb). Any thoughts?

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