Where to fish in Melbourne / Ivanhoe / Fairfield Park

The idea is you can fish anywhere in Melbourne. Problem is despite this there are adders everywhere and they have a very nasty bite.

Brown snakes being aplenty in Melbourne very few places are safe to fish here because of this. Its quite serious this phenomenon. To give you an idea whats it like:

Lets just say that there is a thicket about 30 feet wide and beyond that would be a nice clean stream. It still will not be safe to trudge through because of the vermin. So be mindful of this and work around nature. Access the waterways that have been structured by man. One way to be sure that you will be able to fish lest the adder threat.



No anglers were sighted on that day. However there were a lot of picnickers and kayakers on that day. A lovely place to cook and have your family over to enjoy the very picturesque Yarra River.

The Yarra river would the the river that runs through the whole of Melbourne. A very lovely feature to have for a city. This river is home to several species of fish like the European Perch and the Southern Black Bream just to name a few.

The water here would be what can be described as an in character Australian body of water.  The clear khaki coloured liquid flows very smoothly through the bends, nooks and crannies. 20130323_102727 20130323_103816

A calm and quiet suburban park of Melbourne the Fairfield has a very old boathouse too. This boat house is over a hundred years old and has some very good food. If you’re not hungry than one can simply just have a cuppa and enjoy the view the lake has to offer.


Above shows how the Yarra river stretches through from the suburbia towards the very metropolitan heart of Melbourne. This river is virtually everywhere in Melbourne.


There is a bridge that serves as a bike and walk way. This bridge offers some very good views of the lake and worth taking a walk up here to do reconnaissance. Its not a very difficult walk to make.

Here are a couple of pics of how interesting and pleasant the vegetation is down under.

20130323_102356 20130323_102411

Parks like this are aplenty in Melbourne and I dare say around Australia. Feel free to go and take a look. Do check what are the rules imposed by the councils though.



PS. If your fishes meet a certain size you can eat the sucker!


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