Where to buy supplies in Melbourne / Ray’s Outdoors

G’day from Australia mateys. Hope alls well up north with good weather for a fine round of fishing.

I arrived yesterday without as much as a single line of fishing gear on me. With worries that it might not meet the government of Australia’s safety standards. My items after all has taken a beating in the freshwaters of Malaysia day in and out.

Today was the first excursion into the city of Melbourne. Ray’s Outdoors was a chance encounter and it bared some hope to further exploit angling possibilities in Australia. Do take note that we will be highlighting on how to about fishing in the state of Victoria.


20130324_093055This place is situated very near the Queen Victoria Market. This would be on Elizabeth street. One notable landmark to find this place is that there is a shop that sells some very beautiful bikes next to it.

An all rounder outlet this place caters towards shore, shallow sea fishing and fresh water fishing. If you’re hoping to find a calcutta this is not the place. They do have some affordable Shimanos and Berkleys.


Does seem very cheap but x 3. Please give me feedback on this.


Walls of rods.


Reels that are sold in boxes.

This place is fairly stocked with soft bait. The brand of lure requires feedback. Please forward experiences if you have had tried the type of lures before.


Feedback on this brand.

Feedback on this brand.



There is the standard collection of hooks and lines available too. Along with the other effects necessary to practice angling. There’s more for the kayaker too.

20130324_09333720130324_093629 20130324_093633If this is the first time you’re going to Australia like myself. Rays Outdoors is a place you should check out. They have sales on and off.

With over 50 outlets around Australia. Ray’s outdoors can be found easily and they are open on sunday too. As a matter of fact there was another one not to far away than the one I was in.

So far my trip here has been splendid. I am soaking up all that the down under has to offer. Will post again soon. Fishing here is sick good!



PS. Some pics from the fish market.

20130324_075111 20130324_075116 20130324_075143 20130324_075210 20130324_075232




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