Where to fish in Malaysia / Shah Alam / Pulau Angsa Residence

I have conveniently forgotten the name of the gated community. This was never intentional.

Rest assured folks, this place is a gem of a place to be in. There is a picturesque charm about this place which is yet to be explored. Kayakers out there please take note and give me your input. Same goes to anglers who have been there. I would like to formally approach these people.

The place has got some beautiful waters with very picturesque debris.  For some strange reason, flashes of scenes from the movie anaconda seem to resonate from this place. These suggest adventure!



Whats even more enticing is that there is a row of perfectly normal slightly large houses that overlook the lake. Very fortunate residences (or would be) to wake up and be greeted by this sight every morning.

Folks, no fish were spotted here at this point of time. Very minimal activity on the lake surface. Even threw some stones into the water to see if a curious snakehead will appear. No results in this area.


Good solid banks are available to cast from and from where this picture is taken it slopes down fairly well. Other parts of the lake seemed like a far cry. Being lightly equipped for reconnaissance access was very restrictive on this day.


The place seems to curve into another smaller lagoon. Dense foliage stood in the way again.

One thing that always perplexes when visiting a place where there is a development going on is that the working population there are very good fishermen. They tend to covertly fish out the lake and feed their community. It would be good to teach them about sustaining the population of the fishes.



Would be good if someone who has fished here before with results comes forth and shares them with us. I’d like to see what treasures these waters hold.



PS. You might find me going around here questioning the local labourers. Christina (Amanpour) would be so proud!


3 thoughts on “Where to fish in Malaysia / Shah Alam / Pulau Angsa Residence

  1. Ian

    The day started out with the sounds of Gibbons howling. As I moved through the lake, Spectacled Langur Monkeys, Pig-Tailed and Long-Tailed Macaques were picking fruits in the trees nearby and a family of Otters were busy catching all the fish! Really beautiful day to be on the water!





    The otters seemed to have taken over this little paradise. Despite trying this place on 3 occasions now, I have not seen any predatory fish. I’ve tried every type of lure, but no takes, no rises, no splashes, nothing! There are small fish around, but they seem to be safe from other fish – only have the otters to worry about!

    Turn the sound up and you can hear the Gibbons at the end!


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