Where to fish in Malaysia / Shah Alam / Jalan Batu Arang

This place is close to Cahaya SPK. One of the earlier places we posted here.

In the map it shows one lake, in actual fact there are two lakes right opposite to one another.

This place is situated right after a big building that reads “Universiti Teknologi Mara” at the cross junction. Very difficult to miss in broad day light.  There is ample amount of parking on the shoulder of the roads so you don’t need to park in the emergency lane.




The ground is fairly solid so you would not need to worry about a beached car.

While I was there, fish activity was not apparent. Did not spot any to be frank. This could be due to the time of the day.

Water in the lake is clear. The deep marine shade suggests that this place can hold a good amount of depth. Another sign would be all the dead trees pivoting out of the surface of the lake.

20130320_112512 20130320_112759


These trees are found aplenty in the lake which is on the lefthand side of the road. Trees like these usually mean toman. A proper trip there will be able to examine further on the myth of this.

The place is quite large so kayaking is a good option here. Need not bring heavy gear. Think bright sunny days with a parrot shirt.

20130320_103803 20130320_103817 20130320_103823

The above is the smaller lake of the two. Still good sized. The bank on the other end is very difficult to get too. Not without taking a massive hike.

Apart from rampant insect activity on the surface still no fish was sighted here too. Water is fairly clear and still. Which is good since its right next to a highway.

Word of caution would be to avoid fishing here at night. This is because with highways come highwaymen. Worth checking out if you wish to fish outside of the city but not travel so far.




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