Lures targeted for Malaysian fresh water fishes

We often find very monotonous designs and colors for lures in most of the shops. A lure like lets say the Minnow. This lure has been around from the time the bait caster was introduced.

The lure is recognised and identified by its slender althletic aerodynamics. A more juiced up minnow if I may. A minnow that appears with a plastic tongue that orchestrates the diving depth.

Another lure would be the shad too. This lure is a good one to use in shallow waters. I find a shad painted in orange to be the best kind of shad ever. Fishes snap at it for its gold fish like qualities.


With a bevy of these kind of lures with their multi coloured  (yet generic) schemes one would think the Malaysian (or asian) angler would be satisfied by making do with the options. This has led to alot of anglers buying a whole palette of colours to just find the right colour. Do note that in some instances these lures cost a small fortune.

This does not work out well with the shops too as there will be a huge excess of lures that simply don’t work. Where after some time we find that there will be a bargain bin of cheap premium lures that simply don’t work. How do we solve this and what do we do?

Berkley has made an attempt. These are the results. We quite like it to be honest.

The toman fry and tilapia edition!

The toman fry and tilapia edition!

These lures have been in the market for sometime right now. What we can say is that the toman colours are spot on and every bit exciting to use. I’m not very sure about the tilapias though.

But being anglers from from around here, does us proud to have a lure we can relate very closely too. To be honest we have not done any testing yet. Rest assured these lures  will get a bashing for sure in the hands of our dedicated scientist adventure anglers.

Regardless the results does feel good that someone thought of us and made these lures. Here are some up close shots.

20130320_152156 20130320_152200 20130320_152204 extends our gratitude to Purefishing Sdn. Bhd. for letting us have the Malaysian lures for our adventure and we will give them a testing for sure.

While we were there we noticed some very nice goodies that are hard to find in the market. Highly successful items apparently. Please enjoy the lure porn thats about to be showed.

A now defunct froggy...

A now defunct froggy…

Gulp.... looks tasty even to me...

Gulp…. looks tasty even to me. Please take note these are not for sale.

Nafeez would like these

Nafeez would like these

French design like Sonia Rolland..

French design like Sonia Rolland..

We will be updating the results of our outings with the Malaysian lures from time to time. It its anything the colours we bare and will be damn well worth it.



PS. Sonia Rolland is Ms. France…


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