Where to buy fishing supplies in Malaysia / Petaling Jaya / Aquarium Kok

“Sikit – sikit sahaja…” – Aquarium Kok.

Like what the shop owner said. This place has got a small cache of supplies for the angler. This is probably to cater to the needs of the person who uses live bait to fish.

Compliments to  management for the seluang and lampam supply they usually have here. The seluang’s are normally a very good size while the lampam range from all sorts of sizes. Baits from this shop are good swimmers to!

These are not the only two types of bait they have. Their supplies have the likes of small goldfish and tilapia.  Just to name a few.


20130315_101527The angling supplies they carry are mostly some rudimentary lines, basic spinner rods, spinner reels and hooks. Bottom angling. If you’re looking for specialist items they would not have it.

If you are looking to angle for PB. Seluang is a good bait to use. Best to use smallest hooks you can find so that they live longer on the hook. I use match hooks which are very small.

20130315_101644 20130315_101649

The shop is through and through a conventional larger aquarium. You can buy actual pets here and some good grade arowanas. There are also lots of nice small fishes too for the tanks.

Do visit if you’re planning to get live bait.



PS. I’ve freed countless catfish in the pursuit of Toman.

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