Caught! This weeks PBs and some news makers

This has been an eventful week. We put PB in our predator lake project. More PBs will be going in. We had a big trip to Jugra that should have seen more success. Best to take walked paths next time around.

Folks, don’t let a few misses (or missies) put you down in your pursuit of adventure. Hang in there! There’s always adventure around every corner. (Some being less adventurous than the other!)


Above is a hybrid between a Tilapia and PB. Even had the mark on the tail. Good fighter not as intense as a PB though.


“Jahat” and his catch. Folks don’t let its size fool you. Small PB’s are lots of fun to angle with. Especially when you’re using prawn rods.


Eiran De Rozario with his contribution for the predator lake.


This fella was caught by Caesar some time ago. Has grown to an enormous size. Approximately 10 inches from tip to tip.


This is the bounty of an Ah Pek in Taman Aman. Have told him not to eat them. He says they’re to die for…

Folks this week also saw possibly the biggest Tilapia landed in Taman Aman. Exhibits as below.

20130312_183906 20130312_183930The portly chiclid came in this chaps net. He was fishing for prawn apparently. How unfortunate.

Tomorrow I will be at the Crocodile Farm from 11 onward to evening. We are hunting for more PB. I target to introduce another small cluster into the lake next week before heading to OZ. Do join in the fun if you can.

Look for a beat up grey mercedes.



PS. This is the lake right next to the crocodile farm restaurant.


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