Where to fish in Malaysia / Banting / Langat Estuary

Magnificent looking place with magnificent currant. A miss though.

Beautiful place! There is always a certain charm the oil palm estates have always had. This place has simply all of it to offer.

Lush green fronds in margins with grave deep canals streaming with water. A zen correct place unintentionally made. One simply just cannot get upset by the lack of options it had to offer.




A clear path has been shaven through the otherwise dense macaque infested mangroves. The places was filled with the shrills of drills. Some europeans might find this blissful, just hold on to your cameras tighter.

Folks we did not get a line out here as there were some elements that seemed to have been unsettling Caesar. We’ll get to that shortly.

Kayakers, if you choose this can be a small slice of heaven.


The road that brought us here is a lonely green one. If you like things like that do take it!

Some shots of the fauna:


I’d turn this into a ring… kidding

20130313_121252 20130313_121453_HDR20130313_122307_HDR20130313_121823_HDRDespite the small shaven path this place was still pretty much a mangrove. It was teeming with colours on a indent clay pallet. The howls of the macaques this time more descant.

After going through this nature lovers path, what was sought was found. The Langat Estuary.


There was a lone man casting his net out looking for small fish. While there none were hauled by this individual. He seemed to be not put down by his empty net and continued casting while edging along the waters.

20130313_121757_HDR20130313_121905_HDRDespite its picturesque placing the place is very muddy. If it were more drier it will still be muddy. Best to wear boots.

The factor that put Caesar off from casting in these waters was that the currants were very strong. To get some results one would need to venture further into the water on some sort of water craft.

Seeing that the options did not favour angling here, we moved slightly upstream to here.



According to a lady cow herd who was nearby this place has got boat renting options. We unfortunately didn’t enquire though. Slight error from our part. Sorry.


According to the policemen who were stationed here to look after this jetty. From this point one could catch Gelama and Semilang. Fairly good sized ones at that too.

No entry to jetty above though. We would need to head to the openings in the next lane to fish from there. Same results though.



The boats leave from here taking you out into sea. Do ask around for prices. It would be good to take someone experienced with these form of negotiations.

It would be great to hear from anglers who have fished here before. Do let us know.



PS. Nasi goreng ikan masin USA!



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