Where to buy angling supplies in Malaysia / Telok Panglima Garang / Shui Ling Enterprise

Another camera shy shop has been found. This time in Telok Panglima Garang. The shop is run by this very kind talking guy who  is very informative about the little rivers around Banting.

This is a very rudimentary shop. Nothing fancy, just cheap and essential items. If you are hoping to find a megabass or halco please forget about it. You can find second hand AG reels though.


What sets this shop apart from most of the angling shops seen so far is the choice of live bait. Bait the likes of baby jelawat, lampan and tilapia just to name a few.

Shui Ling also has a good amount of traps. Some good things also like a seluang net are available.

According to the shopkeeper the places to fish around the areas are the small rivers. These rivers are apparently filled with patin that come on palm oil kernels. One will have no problem at all finding this in these parts of Selangor.

Overall this is a place to stop by if you are in need of hooks or line. You can get a spare rod as there is a small amount of medium quality rods.



PS. To our misfortune this chap did not know anything about the Kuala Langat Estuary


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