where to fish in Malaysia / Jalan Duta / Eastern Nursery

This place is arduous to get too and difficult to fish in. Very easy to find if you’re familiar with the area.

Yes folks another lake in the very posh neighbourhood of Damansara. This time its very close to the Jalan Duta Courts. On the same road with the immigration office to be exact!

Imagine being able to fish and visit Art Row in Publika in one morning! Tackling snakeheads and hipsters has never been so inviting than before! Known fact that hipster gals like rugged (or rigid) type men! (So bloody useless at stuff like this! Myself)

Folks I present to you the Eastern Nursery pond. The convenient yet challenging pond! Feel free to have a go during breaks at hearings.


This place is free to visit unless they are closed. Then you would have to park by the highway. Something which is not recommended unless you have not watched horror accident videos before.


The pond can be accessed from this part of the small industrial settlement. Note that there are a fair amount of immigrant workers here. There was even one chap who just arrived of the boat today. Funny he could speak bahasa quite well.


Often the best views come from the humblest of places (sic)

To get to the lake one has to hike up some serious brush. This is not a very long hike though. Its a very thorny one. Highly recommended that one wears wellies or something equivalent when taking the trip up there.


Just like Caesar…

The pond is not at the top of the hill. When you reach the top you would need to trudge another 100 metres or so till you come to a descent. The pond is at the bottom of this descent.

20130312_122943 20130312_122946 20130312_123051Like mentioned before the place is very difficult to fish in. One would not be able to set up camp upon arriving at the pond. They would need to throng the undergrowth to find a place that one can cast from.

While we were there, no obvious fish signs were spotted. It has potential for Haruan though.

Here are more pics of the location.

20130312_123638 20130312_123707 20130312_123842 20130312_123901 20130312_123927 20130312_123937

We would really like to see catches from this spot. If anyone has ever had any results with photos. Please be as so kind to forward the images to us.



PS. This place would be worse to go to in wet weather. Don’t really bother. Honestly.


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