Where to fish in Malaysia / Hartamas / fishmalaysia.com PB haven

Yes folks its partially official. We have introduced the first batch of PB’s to the small lake we found in Hartamas.

This morning after about 4 days in the holding tank on my porch there was one dead PB in the tank. This brought my number down from six to five. Not wanting to hesitate the transfer process any longer I put the remainder PB into the transport tank.

My transport tank is a black bin bought from Old Town Market. There is a whole which I melted on the lid to allow the Betta battery powered pump’s air nozzle to go through.20130312_092545


After making it to the top of the hill the perilous journey began. We decided to take a new path and to our suprise, the newer path was clear and easier to get through.

This was a huge relief as it is quite difficult to lug a huge tong through quite foliage.

20130312_092712 20130312_093315

Caesar carried all the fishing gear whilst I took responsibility of the transport tank.


My transport setup was a success as all fishes made it to the release site. Folks I have a bullish feeling about this place. It has all the makings of a decent predatory pond. Do take note that this is only the beginning.

To give you an idea of how big this lake is. It is about the size of the smallest lake in the Crocodile Farm.

Do join us in the weeks to come to see what species we introduce. There are already good sized toman there. What we really are looking for is an Apex predator.



PS. To fish here I am planning to set a tithe: 3 PB’s introduced into the lake from the crocodile farm a person. These PB’s have to be juveniles. Just kidding.


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