Where to buy fishing supplies in Malaysia / Old Klang Road / TCE Tackles

This was bound to happen. Lest not procrastinate further.

TCE tackles is a prominent player in the angling scene of Malaysia. The brand boasts 60 over outlets and all of these franchises of course. These people have the right attitude towards angling. Selling the items like a sports outlet dealer instead of a industrial trader.

I was well impressed by the setting and the merchandising of this place. Place is neat and tidy plus well organized. Being Malaysian, we enjoy service and there was some good ones available too.

20130311_114350Located in fairly new building blocks parking in this spot was a cinch. One thing that could be done away though is the dated banners. Besides that no complaints.

To be frank the only places that I have always had difficulty finding parking is in Pudu, Puchong and Kepong. No issues with the rest of the places.

20130311_115137 20130311_115144 20130311_115225


One would expect to find Abu’s and Daiwa’s. Did not see any of that. If there were it must have been missed. The prominent brands here are Ajiking, Lemaxx and Tomman.

Folks, this is the part i’d like to say: “to each its own, not everyone who drives a ferrari Scumacher.” Worth giving a shot to these brands as these are the kind of brands that make the beautiful sport of angling available to all.

20130311_115229 20130311_115234Whats most satisfying is that there is a whole range of affordable quality reels from these brands, for every kind of angling. There were no fly rods though. If there were any it must have been missed. What would be most exciting would be a very affordable fly rod for everyone to get into fly fishing.


There were a good number of gadgets to aid the angling process. To get an idea of the range do drop by and take a closer look.

20130311_115300 20130311_115310


One more pleasing thing about this place is that they seem to have thought of catering to the experience of angling too. Solutions such as chairs and beds are in fair amount here.

20130311_115333 20130311_115342


For those interested in the art of luring this place carries their own brand of fishing lures. Like the rest of the items here, these lures are highly affordable too. With some good shapes, sizes and colours its worth taking a look if you’re baitcasting on a budget. (Just like me!)

Usually when dealing with franchises some of us have some set inhibitions. In angling this is however out of the window. We all know very well sometimes very insane methods work.

Do drop by over the weekend if you have the time here.



PS. No guarantees on cinch parking then.



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