Where to fish in Malaysia / Subang / USJ Heights

This place is not ready. But the idea of a deep man made lake in a gated residence drives one nuts. Please enjoy.

This effort was discovered from a venture into the vicinity for some personal business. Its is a very good effort that more and more gated communities are incorporating fairly large water features into their projects.  Hopefully these projects identify endangered species and look to increasing their numbers.




Judging from the features of this construction it was clearly a water feature. This pond would be an estimated 10 feet deep. From the looks of its embankments this place will have long grassy ones.

The management has planned its aquatic life supply. This can be found from four small ponds nearby. From the looks of it the management planned to introduce some sort of chiclid. Easily mistook the fish to be normal tilapia.

20130308_151033 20130308_151049 20130308_151100The above two ponds had a fair amount of life in it. The fish would be successfully breeding here as there were some juveniles of the peculiar looking fish. Things did not look so well in the larger pond on the opposite side of these lakes.



When inspecting the lake from the road the waters look cleared. Only when moving closer did the scenery turn very shocking. The debris above are thousands of dead fish.

There were some fish that were barely alive. The dead fishes here are probably in the middle stage of decomposition. These fishes varied in sizes so something introduced into the water would be the reason why they are dead.

Overall looking at the scenario and situation this place would be very suited for carp breeding and angling. One way to look at it would be to adopt this upcoming lake to cultivate its aqua culture. Some food for thought.



PS. We all should start looking to cultivate temoleh


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