Where to buy game fish in Malaysia / Subang / Aquatics International

Without the help of Eiran de Rozario I would have not known about this place. Many thanks to him for taking me there.

First and foremost. This place is fairly deep inside. Please be on the look out for signboards around there. The address is inserted with hope it helps.

Aquatics International Sdn. Bhd.
260A, Jalan Satu A,
Kampung Baru Subang,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel +60-3-7846 3559,   +60-3-78461978
Fax +60-3-7846 3864

We would like to give you directions or even better, a copy of Eiran once they legalize cloning for you to take with you there. Unfortunately we just can’t remember the place so all the best with the info above.


20130308_101729Our access was restricted to the retail area only. Being good visitors we did not wish to overwhelm the fairly large organisation. A bit about the place. Think of the biggest aquarium you have ever been too. Done? Now times that by ten. Savvy?

The place is ginourmous, with such opulent space our hopes were lifted to get the coveted speckled pavon. So our foray began into the wholesalers premises.

20130308_102022 20130308_102025 20130308_102035

Since there was so much to see and there was this desire to see all. We fast forwarded through the marine fish parts. Breezing through the ornamental aquatics.

Albeit breezing through it is quite a spectacle of glass and pastel colors. Some of these species were even edible too! Marine fish fans do come here to see what they have.

20130308_102050 20130308_102114 20130308_102121 20130308_102152

According to Eiran, these critters below used to be aplenty in the Crocodile farm. However thanks to the marvelous effects of the netting idiots their numbers have reduced significantly.



Aquatics international had a few species of imported snakeheads. These species are more ornamental than anything else. This of course is due to the pre conceived angler notion where the best kind of a Snakehead is the Giant Snakehead.20130308_102629



This place has an impressive collection of ornamental fish.


No lipsmacking kissing for these gentlemen…

Some very special exotics were to be found here. This African Lungfish was an interesting spectacle to look at.


Like most Africans, these chaps are likeable and easy to befriend. Note its friend the little orange fishy


Here comes a scary part about the place. They had these hardy suckers (sic). If you have watched an episode of Jeremy Wade he will tell of this worm like critters that swim up your gentlemen’s sausage and get lodged in the cavity there. This is it. 20130308_104043 20130308_104051

No we did not wee in a pitcher and pour it in to see what happens. It does make one wonder though…

After some time browsing through the tanks we finally found a cousin of the Speckled Pavon. Yes folks they did not have the temensis breed we were seeking. These were the standard butterflies that can be caught in Crocodile farm.


To add on the shock the cluster above was retailing at RM30 a fish. These babies are costly. So if anyone fancies having a PB as a pet please visit the crocodile farm and if we’re there we could get you sorted.

Eiran did put some hope in me that day about the place. He mentioned that this place stocks up weekly and its so fast paced that you wont see this weeks fish again next week. Maybe another visit in the weeks to come might pay off.

Being an angler the relationship with the aquarium is not far off. We wanted to get to the source of exotics here in Malaysia and looks like we found one. Besides just hunting and eating fishes there is an exquisite charm of nurturing these fishes for game. Do read in the future weeks to come about our efforts to build an urban angling sanctuary.



PS. Seriously RM 30 for a Juvenile? The crocodile farm option is for real folks! I’ll post if we’re making a monthly visit there.

4 thoughts on “Where to buy game fish in Malaysia / Subang / Aquatics International

  1. Kumar

    The last time i went there, they kept 2 sharks about 2 feet length in one large tank. . maybe they sold it. . .but one thing bro,this fish orice in this place is quite expensive. .jalan pasar have nice exotic fishes with cheaper rates. . .


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