Where to fish in Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur / Kite park


Folks, this place is large and DBKL is in charge. The most angler indifferent municipal organisation has one heck of a lake. The place is serene, yes. The key to fish here is timing and costing.

There are two tactical approaches that one needs to take to successfully angle here .The first is stealth and the second would be deft logistics.

My car paid the ultimate price of adventure...

My car paid the ultimate price of adventure…

According to an angler who was there the other day the place has got two sets of enforcement officers with two very different school of thoughts. This is very general but can change at any moment. The morning team is the angler friendly team as long as you don’t mess up the place. In the afternoon though the dimwitted unfriendly ones come in and bully all the anglers around.

So a key factor here to observe would be your timing. Do try your luck in the mornings. This information is no guarantee though that the duty roster is the same all year around. Best you identify the groups of friendly officers and the bogeys.

If you find that there are bogeys in the area though. Here is where your stealth comes into play. Elements that help facilitate this are.

1. Knapsack 2. Jungle rod setup 3. Do luring instead of baiting 4. No camping be always on the move. 5. Easy to transport keep net

These elements do not make u invisible. They are helpful in making you uncatchable.

20130305_150753_HDR 20130305_150853_HDR

Folks the waters here are simply serene and clear. Good that DBKL doesn’t allow angling as there are a lot of low class litter bugs that enjoy angling too.

From the observation conducted on the paths you would need a motorcycle to get around the lake. This is your second tactical element. Zippy, agile and has access to the lake. Do take note the enforcement officers come in vans and motorcycles too. So don’t make your getaway too obvious.


folks in the kayak club would love this place

folks in the kayak club would love this place

With such beautiful and calm waters one would find it difficult not to fish here. So in the event you have been stopped and your equipment is being seized under the rules of DBKL please exercise restraint.

It would be good to have an inexpensive setup. Go for your RM 15 rods and reels. These things fight toman and haruan just as well as your Abus and Shimanos.

Very beautiful, feels like i’m in a cigarette ad..

20130305_151259_HDR 20130305_151308_HDRI did try and ask in the office about how to go about conducting activities here. The guy in the desk there simply said, “Ask the Mayor”. To his misfortune I know the mayor and I will ask him. (LOL)

Here are more pics of this lovely lake we have. How we all wish that DBKL could just pick the good ones from all the bad hats. Its these greedy idiots that spoil the names of anglers.

20130305_151727_HDR 20130305_151741_HDR

Angling mishap... i know how this feels...

Angling mishap… i know how this feels…

20130305_152758_HDR 20130305_152816_HDR

Very beautiful, feels like i'm in a cigarette ad..

Folks, I have given you the most insane solution  to fish here. In every instance I would not listen to myself. Please don’t listen to me too.

Let a professional do this for you. Let it be someone who is experienced and energized. Let that person be really “Jahat”…



PS. Folks the writer did not in anyway angle there on that day as there was too much “heat” around.


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