/ Crocodile farm outing take two




This probably the best job in the world. Today’s team that was raiding the crocodile farm consisted of.

1. Chef Kannan 2. Eiran De Rozario 3.Wayne De Rozario and 4. Nafeez Kahursar.

Everyone else except Kannan were seasoned veterans in these waters. They knew where and what to cast in this beautiful place.


Kannan picked his spot early. Our friend was very particular that he sat in the shade. To his dismay the sun shifted and sat right on top of his camp.



We were all set to fish in the big lake today. Nafeez had devised a plan to use “boilies” to draw the big-ass pacu and fish a very good specimen. After setting up his specimen rods and settling into camp a rogue security elephant (more like a gazelle) came and gave us a gentle reminder that no fishing is allowed in that lake.

Probably the deities in the building were displeased in the way we use our time, the smiles on our faces must have irked them silly. Nothing really beats a stick up your a**. Really.


Nafeez had an unfair advantage over the rest of us with such marvelous technology. All our gear above could not match the power of the chair bed above. Whats even more better is that he got this thing for a song at a cash converter.

After ogling at his marvelous contraption I set out to join the Rozario brothers at hunting for some PB. Yes, the ever elusive PB. Have had difficulty catching one in the past.

Today somehow this changed. With some eye opening tips from the Rozarios, I set out confidently and it yielded some good results!


The brothers thought me that they minus the sinkers and clips and left the hook and line only. Though u sacrifice your casting distance it is highly effective.


Kanans puyu or patung. What on earth is this fish called?


My haul. Got three but one got a hook lodged in its stomach. gave it to a family fishing nearby there.


This contraption won everyone’s approval. The Rozario bros definitely liked this.

Folks we had a blast. Next week its EAK in the cards. Will keep you posted on how that turns out. If you would like to be part of our adventure get in touch with us at:

Post on the wall and we’ll get in touch with you.



PS. I have the best job in the world


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