Where to buy fishing supplies in Malaysia / Puchong / Digital Aquarium

Digital aquarium has been supplying angling gear and tech for the past fourteen years in Puchong. Probably one of the early businesses in Puchong this place is right opposite the landmark Puchong mosque. Relatively easy to find this place is a well rounded shop.

Nice clean exterior

Nice clean exterior

This place is technically the only tackle shop that we have seen selling live bait. Yes there is a basin filled with keli at the entrance of the shop.

Few days ago there was a lead from a friend of mine Nafeez about a Daiwa dealer in Seri Kembangan. It turned out that this is the real Daiwa dealer in Malaysia. One has to come and see the collection of Daiwa rods and reels available here.

Being a dealer, the pricing structure for this brand can be quite attractive here.

Aside from the good collection of reels and rods this place has got a good set of lures. First time i’ve laid eyes on a complete collection of Abu Garcia rockets!



The buck does not stop there. We’re talking about more serious premium lures. There are even a few versions from Sebile available here for you to choose from. (That is if the sebile works for you.)

Here are some shots of the lures.

20130305_114056_HDR20130305_113841_HDR 20130305_114112_HDR 20130305_113828_HDR

Yes folks this place is a good place to look for lures to experiment with. I saw a few that i’m curious to play around with. However i plan to improve on what i got before i get more lures.

Here are more pics of the shop for your viewing pleasure






sorry folks, in this shelf nothing is for sale, private bragging collection

20130305_113802_HDR20130305_113635_HDR 20130305_113548_HDR 20130305_113733_HDR 20130305_114407_HDR

Folks, if you’re planning to try different and unique lures here’s a good place to shop at in Puchong. do post your feedback on the shop if you’d like to add on the info.



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