Where to fish in Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur / Wu Ping

Not the best lake I’ve seen. At the same time not the worst too. Whilst we were there there were a lot of patrons fishing. Interesting.

To give you an idea of what we are dealing with. Here’s the greeting board.




The place gives out vibes of a very humble demeanor. Its not a jackpot pond if you’re looking for one. This one offers straight forward fishing.

The fishes in the pond are species such as: big head carp, pacu and probably tilapia.

Rates start at RM 20 for three hours. These people will collect a deposit. They are open from 9AM till whenever (at least thats whats said in the board.)



What I like about this place is their signage. They carry an old world oriental charm which is becoming more and more difficult to find. Stepping in here is like stepping into a fifties hong kong movie. Which is nice. For me.

Do take note that you will not find everything in black and white or a rose chan. What you will be greeted with though is some very green water.

20130304_155325 20130304_155328 20130304_155331

Folks the place has got some fish and these fish are breeding. One way to tell is that there was a little one who was basking around getting some sun.


Here are some pictures of the signage which I was going on about earlier.

20130304_155427 20130304_155531 20130304_155556


This place folks is a place you go to if you’re living in Cheras and feel like spending money to fish. Or you live in cheras and feel like taking your burmese girlfriend fishing. Whichever you think is more satisfying.



PS. I grew up in Cheras very close to this place. If i had know about it as a youngster my words will be very different.


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