Where to fish in Malaysia / UM enrollment and graduation ceremony.

Folks: As much as I love saying this I really mean it. DO NOT TRY THIS!


We pride ourselves to have had the chance to enroll and graduate on these hallowed grounds in one afternoon. One of our accolades of that day was a degree in “lampamology”. Upon completion of this degree you the have the option of moving on to get a doctorate in “tomanoscopy”.

Do take note “tomanoscopy” can be completed on the same day too. Provided if the regulators that care of your well being permit so. Unfortunately they did not allow us to pursue this on that day. The waiting period is indefinite and thus one would need to let the heat die down before pursuing it again.

My learned colleague Eizat Jahat (jahatus maximus tembusi ) had the pleasure of  joining me in enrolling for this weekends course.

Being a good student he never forgets his stationery
Being a good student he never forgets his stationery
Proud recipient of the degree certificate. A fine "lampamologist" he will be.
Proud recipient of the degree certificate. A fine “lampamologist” he will be.

My luck was rather poor though as I was planning to graduate in Tomanoscopy immediately. My CGPA was alright as I did get some fair results. It was not enough to grant me a doctorate thought. Eizzat was a natural at tomanosacopy though.


Scoring in tomanoscopy!


An assortment of tech to wrangle the beasts!


My faithful jungle rod never disappoints!


Overall we had a lot of fun doing this. Do take note we also got a ticking off from the security guards there. We had to leave after our telling off. So guys this place is really a no fishing zone. Fish at your own risk and the repercussions can be serious.

We’re lucky to be able to get off the hook from this incident here. The very few times i’m glad when something gets unhooked.

Here’s a sample of a doctorate in Tomanoscopy

5 kilo mama

5 kilo mama

We here at fishmalaysia.com put ourselves on the line to bring you the best and closest form of fishing for you. We do not expect gratitude from our readers but pride ourselves for doing so. Three simple words drive us to do what we do…

Adventure, Experience & Data.



PS. There’s a lot of adventure out there. Go and have one!



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