Hector has been released!

Hi kawan – kawan,

If you remember the patin from the other day. I have relocated it. I know that I was not supposed to name it but I did anyways. Its name is Hector.


Fearing that it was not settling in well I was contemplating where to relocate him. So I decided that it will be Taman Aman.  Being an angling pond I reckoned that he should be put to game.

So folks now you know that there is a good sized patin to be caught in Taman Aman. Do your best in catching him. Please keep the pond and its vicinity clean though.

Good luck fishing this weekend!



PS. There have been some ingrates babooning around the lake. If you see them call the cops and they’ll disappear like cigarette smoke. These to**ers have got nothing better to do than mess up the whole park.


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