Where to fish in Malaysia / MPAJ Tournament / Pandan Perdana Lake

This is an upcoming tournament that is happening on Sunday (3rd March 2013). This is confirmed by one of the staff from MPAJ who were there. To get better info though please contact the organizers at 013-6363396 or 012-2922073.

Now with that out of the way the lake is very close to where I grew up. However this is the first time I’m visiting this place. One thing i noticed is that the banks are bloody steep.


One wrong step means a tumble into the lake…


Gets even worse near the “fitness” centre.

The old man in the picture above was luring for haruan. A few quick words with him and he mentioned that there’s a good amount of patin in the lake.

Adding that with the recently introduced fishes (yesterday) there should be a good bounty of fishes in the lake. According to one of the MPAJ staff who were at the premises, MPAJ has added one ton fishes to be made game for match day. The fishes consist mostly of patin and big head carps.

This is believable as there was plenty of activity on the water surface. Patin fins were easily spotted surfacing around the water. A good sized catch can be the winner come this sunday.

20130228_103817 20130228_103841 20130228_103931

The place is fairly clean and the water is clear but not a super grade. There are some local species of fishes like red tilapias and haruan, no signs of toman though.

MPAJ is doing a decent job in this parks upkeep.

20130228_110346In comparison to the other tournaments the prize money offered is relatively small. Its a good tournament to catch fish and get the young ones involved as it is fairly inexpensive to enroll.

The details are as such:

Hadiah Utama
Juara: RM3,000 + hamper
Tempat Ke-2: RM2,000 + hamper
Tempat Ke-3: RM1,000 + hamper
Tempat Ke 4-20: wang tunai disediakan
Jackpot (Arapaima) hmmm……
Cabutan Bertuah
3 hadiah disediakan
T’Shirt Percuma
20 helai disediakan untuk pendaftaran terawal
Keterangan lanjut:
Hubungi Urusetia [013-6363396/012-2922073]

No comments on the Arapaima jackpot, I would like to see someone land it though. Here’s more pics of the lake.

20130228_104802 20130228_104955 20130228_105422


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