Where to buy fishing supplies / Kepong / Kepong tackle

This is a large shop that specializes in bot sea and freshwater fishing. When I say large shop what I mean is ginourmous. Three shop lots have had their walls torn down to help fit this angling mart.

Place has utter disregard for product placement, all but except the shimano section. Here’s a small tour of the shop.


The place was relatively easy to find despite my lack of knowledge of this part of the town. You can put me anywhere in KL except Kepong. I’ll never find my way properly here.

To get here look for the beige mall that has got Jaya Jusco on it. This is opposite it.


This place has the biggest collection of Megabass lures I have seen so far. So if you’re a collector of these kind of lures do check the place out. We’re talking about every coloured dogs and a few other stuff megabass makes. This includes spinners.


Kannan buys his lines from here. Being very prudent he often opts for a very good and cheap copper coloured line. They’re even cheaper if buy them in a spool. Unfortunately I have forgotten the brand but its the only copper coloured line I’ve seen so far there.



Now here’s the part which really overwhelmed me. There are huge amounts of rods and they are all in racks. If you’re looking for a specific spec. You’re on your own. Happy hunting.

20130226_114507 20130226_114531

Besides having lures and rods this place also sells things like boat anchors, life jackets, knives and survival gear. I bet if you asked them if they sold a H & K they’d say yes.

Please don’t ask them though and let me do the dirty work.

20130226_114549Remember that bit about Shimano I mentioned earlier. This is it. This place is dedicated to shimano tools. They have a whole collection of items by this brand.

If you’re an amateur angler that loves Shimano, this place is for you.

Do enjoy your shopping here.



PS. Megabass dogs here were about a few ringgit cheaper than another places i’ve been before. But do you really want them?




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