Where to buy fishing supplies / Kuala Lumpur / Sabre Tackles

This is another old timer in KL. They have a branch in singapore too. A purveyor of all items to make your sea fishing experience better.

My good friend Caesar likes going here. He’s a hardcore sea fisherman and this is a place he’d recommend anyone to go and check out.

I’d take his word for it. Man’s a sea freak.

Situated on Jalan Maharajalela, this place is right next to Hotel Mirama. To those who aren’t familiar with KL, its right outside the golden triangle.

Last i checked roman pillars died out with ancient rome...

Last i checked roman pillars died out with ancient rome…

Please buy yourself a parking ticket. Now that DBKL is in parliament their fines somewhat effect your road taxes and licence. Place is relatively easy to park during the day.


In the showcase above there were some antiquated cardinals for sale along with a few other older reels. If you’re a collector of this. Come and have a look see.


A very small selection of hooks, but these things are premium no doubt. Shark fighting material.


Same goes for the lines, small number of brands but all of them premium. Nothing really specific for freshwater minnows like myself. Good looking collection though.

Clearly a sea angling specialist. They had a good number of jigs to choose from. All these were premium products though

20130226_100711 20130226_100718 20130226_100736

Since KL is very far from the coast this place is possibly a good solution for transiting sea anglers. You can get anything important here that some shops might not carry.

Ahoy there mateys!



Ps. Shiver me timbers i’ll be going to Australia soon and I need a setup!

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