Crocodile farm attempt with chef kannan!

Hi all,

After multiple attempts often some yielding no results at all, we made another attempt here. Kannan and myself seek a “speckled pavon”. Caesar was here earlier and his saw some tilapias which he in turn used as live bait again.

There’s something wrong with this place. Or there’s something wrong with us. There’s definitely something wrong with this picture. I reckon the thing is we’re all set for predators.

Funnily till late noon the normal toman that bosses around the lake was amiss. I’ve been itching for a fight with it for some time. With improved casting skills and technical know how its good as in the bag.

We’re quite chaotic when we go fishing. Funnily fishing isn’t. This is what we learnt today from a camera shy “ah pek”.

Here a pair of shots of what  we were passing our time about with.


A “patung” fish, gets their name thanks to its doll like eyes. Kannan is no beauty though.


A youngster who’s not heard of taman aman yet…. these would have been edible though.

At about twelve-ish an elderly chinese chap arrived on his motorcycle. He was quite bare to be honest. One rod, a pair of hooks and a reel. Thats it. His bait was the rotting fruit he harvested from the floor beneath the ficus tree that hung over the water.

(ficus: Ara)

He casted hi bait with a float that was anchored by a sea weight. His words to me was that to keep it stationary yet running. In any other context this would have not made sense. Yet we anglers understand perfectly this.

He then picked his chinese paper and parked his ass under a tree. Not to budge till the signal bell rang.

We on the other hand jerked around and got on each others nerves. The ants also got on our nerves. So much so around three-ish nearing four we decided to pack up.

The chaps bell rang at that point of time and this is what he got.

approximately 2 kilos

approximately 2 kilos

Kannan tumpang glamer...

Kannan tumpang glamer…

Funnily after landing the fish the chap said he’d have no use of it and wanted to sell it to someone or toss it in the pot. We curiously asked how much? The ah pek was more than happy to let it go for RM 10.

So folks I have adopted myself a patin now. I have decided to not got as far as naming him as he’s going to be released. Somewhere wild hopefully.

He seems to be adapting well in my pond now. One place I can think of now is EAK. There i’d know he’ll be safe for some time.


Do excuse the bone in the water, my dogs just love gardeners. He’s still not done with the other parts of the last one.


We will post pics of this chaps release soon. Please keep following.



PS. I could use some ideas of places I can let it go in.

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