Where to fish in Malaysia / Subang / Shooting Range

At the roundabout that is before the Subang Airport take a 3 o’clock folks. From there drive till there is a mosque on our right and then turn left into what would look like a slip road. Keep going down that road till you come to an International school.

The shooting range is behind that school. Do not drive into the shooting range. Take the road that turns left in front of it and wallah!

This place would have seem to be a place that supplied water to the rubber estates and still does. Has got a natural source of water flowing in from a river at edge of it. 20130225_190031_HDR
This place is quite isolated folks. So not many anglers around. However the pesky net fishermen are here. There was one belligerent chap who was trashing all the fish away into his net. Greedy fellow!

We were quite glad we did not start here folks. Thanks to the adventure bug we ventured in deeper beyond the confines of the tarmac onto the laterite roads of the rubber estate. Our foray proved to be fruitful. We were blessed with an amazing pond (or canal more like it). 20130225_171320 20130225_171323 20130225_171326 Of all the spots in that big body of water we found a marsh with clear waters and thriving with haruan. There’s a lot of juveniles here. In this spot here I also enjoyed a good strike on my mazzy frog lure.

Folks they’re all over the place here. Have some frogs handy!

There were some very lucky anglers who were catching tilapia. They were doing this from the water gushing out of the storm drain. Some good results with worms as bait.


This chap landed these knifefish with one swoop of his landing net into the gaps between the rapids. Good catch!

20130225_181736 20130225_181751_HDR

Folks if not for the bad weather and the greedy people casting their huge nets this place would be very good to fish in! has got bug open spaces for bait casting. The waters here is  also not very intense so u can do some light kayaking.

More pics of the spot. 20130225_155151 20130225_155210 20130225_182115 20130225_182123_HDR 20130225_190025 20130225_190031_HDR

I would like to go and catch haruan here again. I’ve been thinking a bit about its soft flesh that tastes like chicken.



PS. Has anyone reported to the authorities about illegal fishing in ponds? How do u go about it?

3 thoughts on “Where to fish in Malaysia / Subang / Shooting Range

  1. lame fisherman

    tried this spot yesterday, used lures and soft bait, nothing works, but can see a lot of haruan fry. saw also some indon casting nets

    1. sivakumarkulendran Post author

      Well, i guess they must have been not biting. But they’re there for sure! Suprised the indon chaps are still casting nets. The place should be empty by now at the rate they go.

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