Where to fish in Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur / University Malaya

First and foremost you CAN’T fish here (or I was led to believe). Secondly, I am a big oaf for forgetting to bring my lures! Third and finally. This place has not seen the last of me.

For my kayaking buddies out there, here’s a place for you to paddle around freely to. It only costs RM 3 an hour if you’re a non UM student. So have fun!

In hallowed grounds one would think that you might find a hallowed fish. Folks I was not disappointed with the visual treat. But before we get to the good parts lets show you the place that was scouted.

2013-02-25 08.45.57

A cross between kayak and polo… Poyak

2013-02-25 08.46.19

Poyak kayaks available

2013-02-25 08.46.27

more poyaks

This place is situated right behind the “Tunku Chancellors” hall. Parking as a guest is relatively easy. Point to take note have a jungle rod setup.

A jungle rod in my definition is a short 3 – 4 foot rod with a 4 -10 pound weight. Line and reel your choice. Something u can conceal and cast from anywhere. Strong enough to fight a toman or bass.

Here’s whats in store.

Mama Mia

Mama Mia


Had the fortune to see this unfortunate barb obliterated…

2013-02-25 08.54.36

MILF (Mama i’d like to fish) in wild colours

2013-02-25 08.56.16-1

The fish above we estimate to be about a 4 – 5 Kilogramme Mama Toman. Not a giant, but since its in season and if you’re one of those insane people to try with a jungle rod set up, you’re bound to be in for one heck of a fight!

We will keep you posted on any attempts to fish here. We will follow up with faculties before making any trips here. A fishmalaysia special is definitely in the cards!

2013-02-25 09.30.22

Happy fishing and have a good week ahead!.



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