Where to fish in Malaysia / Tournament / Putrajaya

For those who enter this kind of competition this would be the Pebble beach of Malaysian fishing tournaments. Situated in highly regulated waters (No fishing allowed at any time!) this place boasts a good amount of fish. Or so they say.

I really would like to know what fish these waters contain, because there’s so much myths going around. There’s a urban legend that this place is teeming with 3 kilo carps all through its waters. That jump out at the sight of bread. Silly me for not bringing bread today.

The sign up booth is at the information counter at the Putrajaya Square. Can’t miss it. Best to sign up early to make things easier for yourself.

20130221_120244 20130221_120249


This is possibly the most organised fishing competition I have seen so far! We’re even talking about a hyperlink for more information!

Official page with T&C

Apparently there are four of these tournaments held in each quarter. I had a quick word with a chap at the station and he said its quite the affair. We’re talking about shoulder to shoulder participants.

Entering this tournament is more of a status symbol, the grand prize is nowhere near some other tournaments. One thing plausible would be that this people have a very respectable catch size entry. Folks anything smaller than the list below is a no -no.

The sizes are as follows:

Sebarau (Jungle Perch) >10 in. /25cm
Jelawat (Sultan fish)  >10 in. /25cm
Belida (Knife fish) > 10 in. /25cm
Ketutu (Marble Goby) > 10 in. /25cm
Lampam (Barb) > 7 in. /18cm
Tenggalan (Another type of Barb) 14 in. /30cm
Kelah (Mahseer) All sizes
Temoleh (Jullien’s Golden Carp) All sizes
Tengas (Copper Mahseer) All sizes
Bujuk (A type of snakehead) All sizes
Kerai (Another type of barb) All sizes

Here’s pics of the starting point.

i'd recommend to set up camp nearer to the bridge. Waters would be cooler there as the sun rises.

i’d recommend to set up camp nearer to the bridge. Waters would be cooler there as the sun rises.

20130221_122054 20130221_122103 20130221_122225

Folks the place is beautiful and clean. Hopefully the participants would be able to play their part in keeping the cleanliness of the lake that day.

The water is very good too. Quite clear crisp waters here.

glass clear waters

glass clear waters

If this bridge is taken. Head to the other end. The other bridge there is bigger. With proper bait from the bait  shop i think we’d be able to strike it good.

Here’s more pics of the bridge on the other end. The competition zone is until here.

20130221_124339 20130221_124504 20130221_124521

No you’re not allowed to fish here in Putrajaya! NEVER when there is no competition!

selat i presume drying

selat i presume drying

Folks this is a competition that is one to follow. They are trying to preserve some great species of fishes in the lake. Some of them already vulnerable. Do check it out if can.

I would most probably miss this one as I am away. I will however make it for the 2nd quarter tourney.

I would be very grateful if someone could send me some pics at:




PS. Enter this for the sake of fishing.


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