Where to fish in Malaysia / Melaka / Machap Dam (Durian Tunggal)

This place is right smack in the middle of the heart of Malaysia. A fresh water reserve so big that there are some parts of it yet to be fished and told about. Fishmalaysia.com had a small slice of what it had to offer, and we liked it.

Situated in durian tunggal, this place is about 2 hours drive from KL (2 hours from SG too). The roads are lovely and tidy so you’re bound to enjoy the drive here. There’s also ample parking by the side of the road so no issues about parking your wheels on the shoulder.

There’s a few shops around the lake in the village area. You need a car to drive to them. Its not a very long drive though, we’re talking about half an hour to buy lunch, provisions and water from 3 different shops. Its all in one stretch.

This is what that greeted us...

This is what that greeted us…

2013-02-20 08.29.04 2013-02-20 08.29.08

Very little human garbage was found around the lake. Come to think of it, we did not fish out any too. This is good, or it could mean that the place is really deep.

We did no fish from the above site as there was only room for one rod each in it. We looked further.

We finally found a spot for us to test waters that day!

We finally found a spot for us to test waters that day!

2013-02-20 08.58.34 2013-02-20 08.58.39The place above is an abandoned road. The dip next to it is quite deep. We did not get any figures but the locals said it’s super deep.

There was a fair amount of action around. But all this was taking place in the lily clusters on the opposite bank. Impossible to fish in those so we opted to lure the fish out with dumping the water with some bait.

This is what happened next. We caught nothing.

2013-02-20 09.06.21 2013-02-20 09.06.24 2013-02-20 09.08.40 2013-02-20 09.08.43

The place is so beautiful! With such clear waters feels like you’re in paradise. One of the best waters I have seen so far! Folks we can say that there are a lot of places like these in Malaysia yet to be discovered!

Funny thing about going to somewhere like this is that you tend to forget all your big city problems and ills.

We did not get any close up sights of the giants. But there was indication of a thriving fish population. Here are some of the signs we got.

Lots of small and baby fish was found around the lake.

Lots of small and baby fish was found around the lake. (Kaloi)

No sign of the mother ( ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) There were easily 4 -5 different clusters of babies like these swimming around. Ranging to small juveniles like these to even larger juveniles.

On the other bank there were some huge splashes that were seen. Seemed like a pack of very large toman have cornered a school of fish or something. These boys (& girls) are vicious hunters. Not forget loud too!

Folks we weren’t the only ones there. There were a group of boys from Muar who set up camp there. There were also about five groups of locals fishing around the lake.

We barely noticed them because the place is huge!

There is another part of the lake that is divided by a road passing through the lake. This part is even more enormous and deeper. We did not fish here because frankly its just so big!

Taken from the other side of the dividing road

Taken from the other side of the dividing road

2013-02-20 12.46.55

The water is just as clear as the other side!

2013-02-20 12.46.49 2013-02-20 12.46.51 2013-02-20 12.46.52

A word of advice though,

The place where we fished was good but weather and waters are super erratic! We had four bouts of showers and sun while we were there! It is such a horrible feeling to be drenched and hung out to dry twice!

Towards the evening somehow the undercurrents in the lake changes and all the water lilies shift from one end of the lake to the other. We stopped fishing after this happened.

2013-02-20 16.33.12 2013-02-20 16.33.23

The condition above is somewhat of a blessing too. The lilies stop people from casting nets into the waters and this allows them to thrive. One thing important is tech know how and timing of the place to tackle the fishes here.

Albeit not being able to catch anything.We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves here! The place has got so much promise!

I hope to put together a team to explore the lake and possibly fish out the giants!

Will elaborate on this soon!



PS. For once I suffered minimal injury!


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