Where to fish in Malaysia / Tournament / Titiwangsa

Hi all,

KL’s favourite lake Titiwangsa will be the venue of another tournament. I personally think its an attempt by DBKL to rid the lake of its toman menace. Beautiful lake I must say.

While I was doing reconnaissance over there I caught sight of some beautiful fish from the chiclid species. One that had zebra stripes. A bevy of beautiful coloured fishes.


Beautiful fishes!


Such clear water with thich vegetation! whoa!

20130219_141843 20130219_141909


Of course my eyes caught sight of a solitary toman, a juvenile approximately 10 inches. Tried to lure him in with a soft lure. Apparently it didn’t interest him. So i soldiered on to the next spot.


bridge over deep waters


waterpolo would probably result with an infection


green mass of water veges

20130219_143023 20130219_143036

There was a strike from a juvenile toman from the above point. About the same as the earlier one.  Thought that luck was on our side being able to see and get a strike from a toman.

All that changed till this happened. I heard the splashes from the bridge here.

Sorry for the shaky video. Was holding a rod with one hand and also running.

These guys are a cluster of monsters going around hunting for fish! There was another cluster that was not so far away from this cluster.  Sounds like a problem in the water folks. They’re all juveniles and tearing through the lake like this.

Here are the details of the upcoming tournament.

Tarikh: 2 Mac 2013 (Sabtu) (2nd March 2013/ Sat)
Masa: 9.00 pagi hingga 1.00 petang (9am – 1pm)

Lokasi: Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur (Titiwangsa Lake)
Yuran Penyertaan: RM30/ 1 joran 2 mata kail (RM 30 for 1 rod with 2 hooks)
Hadiah Utama (Sapu Bersih) (Clean sweep competition)
Juara: RM10,000
Tempat Ke-2: RM3,000
Tempat Ke-3: RM1,000
Tempat Ke 4-10: RM200
Tempat Ke 11-50: RM50
Hadiah Khas Ikan Keli (Catfish Prize)
Pertama: RM300
Ke-2: RM200
Ke-3: RM100
Cabutan Bertuah (Lucky Draw)
50 hadiah disediakan
4 unit motorsikal
3 basikal
T’Shirt Percuma (Free T-Shirt)

800 helai disediakan untuk penyertaan terawal 
(First comers)
Sebarang Pertanyaan: (Inquiries)
Hubungi Nordin [019-3841009], Idris[013-3052811], Syukur [013-2667011], Wazir [017-3727420], Aley[012-2846811]
fishmalaysia.com Wishes you good luck in the competition.
Here’s more pics of our beautiful Titiwangsa.
20130219_141215 20130219_141250 20130219_141301 20130219_141319 20130219_141514 20130219_141541
PS. There was this uneasy feeling that i was breaking some laws by casting my lure about in Titiwangsa. Am I wrong?

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