Where to buy fishing supplies / Kuchai Lama / Thye Lee Heng Aquatic

One of the older shops in Malaysia. As confessed by an industry vet. This guy can gladly say he’s been in business even before “you were born”.

A shop with loads of resources yet humble in exterior. Think of it as an old friend of yours or an old man you’re befriending, or a friendly old man. Whichever the way you just feel welcome as this shop is just like that. No inhibitions.

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

People who go here usually know what they want. It offers good prices and interesting lure replicas (that work!). I have taken a liking to a certain “chinabass” large dog lure. It works just as good as a certain upmarket brand and costs only a fraction.

There is an assortment of dedak which is offered. Even the nefarious siamese mekong catfish dedak is here. A large choice. Its like supplies in a refugee camp. To be honest I wouldn’t change a thing. Its lovely.


Dedak galore! Some are so fierce looking you’d think they’d catch the fish for you.


You can find rapala’s from twenty years ago with twenty year old prices. If you look hard enough.


Please note real abu garcias.

The place has a eclectic collection of tech. A must visit outlet if you’re looking for good stuff at a bargain. I think this chap could be the reason why fishing is still affordable in KL. If you’re looking for something a bit difficult to find. Try this place. He can pull a few surprises.

More pics of the outlet.

20130219_153259 20130219_153256 20130219_153240

If you want to bait cast on a budget. Here’s the place to go. Lines are cheap too! Caesar swears by this shop!




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